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B.HomeFront AntiGas Curtain N1

Shell: British MKII
Liner British MKI Vero 1938:
Bolt and Nut: British MKI
Hooks: British MKII
Cintrap: British MKII
Flash: -
British Antigas Curtain Model N1.
A 1938 dated British MkII helmet with Anti Gas curtain still fitted. Often these are badly damaged due to becoming brittle with age however this piece has survived in excellent condition & is a very good representative example of such a piece of Anti gas equipment . Helmet liner cradle dated 1938 with a good amount of khaki paint to helmet overall. Code: 11441

Daniele Piselli, MKII helmets of the second world war and their use in the Italian Campaign, 2020. www.csmilitaria.co.uk


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